Power Bank Circuit for Smartphones

The Power banks are additional power source and it ensures the power backups when we travel or in emergency situations. This Article will help you to design a Portable cost effective power bank with variable DC output, hence you can change the output voltage range depends on your phone battery specification.

Power Bank Modules connection diagram

power bank circuit


It contains Three stages, first one is TP4056 Li-ion Battery charger module, input power supply to this board is from 3.7V to 5V and gives ouput to the battery the second stage.

Here 18650 Lithium-ion battery 2600mAh is used (solder the same polarity in parallel as shown in image), If you need then you can connect ON/OFF toggle switch. Third stage is XL6009 DC-DC converter this board drives the battery supply to USB connector (class A female) here the mobile phone is connected for charging . Vary the trimpot in Dc-Dc converter board to get proper range output voltage.

Check the Output Voltage and Current range before connecting the smartphone, Excessive or Reverse Polarity could Dangerous to your mobile battery.

Power bank Circuit Diagram

power bank circuit diagram

Circuit diagram of power bank given in two segments here the first one is Li-ion battery charger and second one is XL6009 DC-DC converter. It is given for reference and these are available in breakout board widely.


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