TDA2030 Subwoofer Amplifier circuit


Not Enough Bass Sound on your subwoofer then try this simple DIY circuit to improve your woofer speaker performance. This circuit is constructed by using TDA2030 IC, and this is intended for use as a Low frequency class-AB amplifier. It provides 14 watts output, by adding another stage it may give output upto 30 watts.

For better performance this circuit needs split power supply with one amps current rating and use heat sink over TDA2030 IC to avoid thermal run away.

Circuit Diagram

tda2030 subwoofer amplifier circuit

Construction & Working

Before going to the circuit operation details let we see the main part of this circuit,

TDA 2030

tda2030 pinout

This IC comes in Pentawatt Horizontal package, and has the wide range of operating voltage upto 36V, and it is capable of working in single or split power supply.

The subwoofer amplifier circuit constructed by using two TDA2030 amplifiers, upper side amplifier output is connected to the speaker +ve terminal and lower side amplifier O/P is connected to the -ve terminal of speaker. Audio input applied to the non inverting input of IC1 and IC2 non inverting input grounded through R8 resistor, each amplifier taking feedback through inverting input. This circuit uses Split power supply (+15V, GND, -15V). By using this Bridge amplifier configuration we can get output power upto 30 watts.

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