Tube Light connection diagram

The tube light or fluorescent light is a low pressure mercury vapor gas discharge lamp and it uses fluorescent to produce white light.

Tube light wiring diagram

tubelight wiring diagram

Connection and Working

  We need tube light, ballast, starter and fluorescent light holders to make wiring connection. The fluorescent tube has two filaments with four terminals the starter is connected between two filaments, the ballast is connected between main Ac supply and one filament in tube light.

Here  another terminal in tube light is directly connected to the AC supply, to ionize the mercury atoms in the tube light starter element is used, after the ionization operation of starter is does not need for fluorescent lamp. the ballast employed to convert the AC supply frequency to high frequency and the ballast regulates the supply given to the tube light.


Take extra care and safety measures while handle high AC supply 

Glowing Tube light

tube light in action


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